seed crisps


These crisps are the perfect snack or appetizer. Try topping with some tapenade, mixed sundried tomatoes, artichoke cream or other topping for an appetizer or cocktail snack.


2 dl sunflower seeds

1 egg

1/2 dl flaxseeds

1/2 dl sesame seeds

1 dl pumpkin seeds

1 dl dried nettles (optional)

sea salt

Mix all ingredients in  a bowl. Empty the dough on a parchment paper and roll out to a thin square, about as thick as the pumpkin seeds. Use plastic film between the roller and the dough to  facilitate the rolling (and spare yourself from the dough sticking to the roller). Cut into square or other shape and dry for 3-4 h in ~100C. When cool, brake into pieces along the cut lines.

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