vegetable soup


A vegetable soup like this one can of course be made with any vegetable, as always, imagination is the limit so chose your favorites or try something new!

ingredients (3-4 servings)

250 g broccoli

400 ml coconut milk

2 garlic cloves

1/2 lime, juice and zest

300-400 g swede

2 dl water

1 carrot


Cut the broccoli into pieces and boil in the coconut milk together with garlic and lime for about 5 min until soft. Process to a broccoli puree.

Peal and chop the swede and add swede and water (start off with about 2 dl, add more if you find the soup to thick) to the puree and boil for 20-30 min until the swede is soft. Add salt if needed.

Serve with thinly sliced carrot (use a peeler) and slices of lime. And, since I am a fan of seeds and nuts- roasted sunflower seeds or shredded coconut are also topping options!

Seed Crisps is a delicious side dish!

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