pumpkin pie


End of October! There is no better time to treat yourself with a slice of pumpkin pie. This is an adaption of one of my favorit pumpkin pie recipes, which I think originates from Martha Stewart.

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Pumpkin pie (serves 4-6)


2 dl almond flour (or 1.5 dl + 0.5 dl coconut flour)

1 tblsp sesame seeds

30 g soft butter

2 dates

1/2 tsp baking soda

1 egg yolk


140 g pumpkin puree

1/6 tsp ground ginger

1/3 tsp ground cinnamon

1/3 tsp ground cloves

1 egg

40 ml coconut milk

4 dates

pinch of salt (optional)

vanilla coconut cream

1 can coconut milk

seeds from 2 cm vanilla bean

For the coconut cream – store the can in the refrigerator at least over night.

For the crust: process the ingredients to a thick dough. Lightly butter (or use coconut oil) a small oven pan. Roller the dough between two sheets of cling film and carefully transfer the dough to the pan. Bake at 175C 5-10 min, cover with foil in case it starts turning brown.

Filling: Process all ingredients and pour into the pre-baked crust, bake under foil at 175C 45-60 min (until a stick comes out clean)

Serving: Open the chilled can of coconut milk, remove the “chunk” that has formed at the top, this is the “cream”, whip it smooth and add some of the coconut liquid if it is too thick. Add the vanilla seeds and sweeten with dates it you like (though the cream is rather sweet in itself) Serve the pumpkin pie with the vanilla cream.

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