chocolate truffles


In case anyone’s missed that I love chocolate, I’d just like to warn you-here comes another chocolate recipe! I’d probably have a hard time
convincing a nutritionist that chocolate is part of a varied and healthy diet, but these chocolate truffle are vegan, dairy free, and contain a whole bunch of good fats and vitamins! And, what more, when you roll the truffles your hands will be complety moist with coconut oil (read: you will need to wash your hands, they will slightly covered in brownish oil..), no need for that extra lotion afterwards…

ingredients (12-15 pcs)
1 small beet (75-80g)
20g coconut oil (room tempered or slightly melted)
1dl walnuts
15 g cacao powder
2-4 dates

Peal and slice the beet and roast in oven until soft (about 20 min at 200 C). Process all ingredients until smooth, you might want to add 1 date at a time and taste inbetween to get the right sweetness. Roll truffles and roll in cacao powder. If the truffles are too oily, let them chill for about 1hour in the fridge before rolling in cacao.

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