blueberry “cheese”cake


The cashew cheesecake recipes I’ve tried are absolutely delicious. The only issue with them is that they could basically kill a person allergic to nuts… so to all my nut allergic friends (and other of course!), here a sunflower seed version! Besides beeing nut-free, it also as the upside of sunflower seeds beeing a lot cheaper than cashews, so if you are economically minded- bake away!ingredients

for the bottom layer

100 g shredded coconut

50 g sunflower seeds

50 g pumpkin seeds

2 tblsp lemon juice

for the filling

4 dl sunflower seeds

1 banana

5 dates

25 g coconut oil

zest from 1 lemon

200 g blueberries (fresh or thawed)


blueberries (~2 dl)

Bottom layer: Process all ingredients to a paste and use your fingers to distribute in an even layer covering the bottom of a pan (I used 23 cm diameter and realized the recipe yields a bit more than needed, unless you want a thicker layer. I made candy balls of the extra paste). Leave in freezer while making the filling.

Filling: Process all ingredients to an even mixture, pour over the bottom layer, topp with more blueberries and freeze for a couple of hours, 4-5h.

Thaw 30 min- 1h before serving.

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