green sallad


Artichokes are a reoccurring thing I try to cultivate in the garden, so far I haven’t succeeded… one year I tried watering the plants with vinegar to get rid of ants, not something I recommend, at least not if you want them to life for more than a day after you’ve watered them. Anyway, this sallad is made of all the green veggies I could find in my kitchen. A poached egg would be delicious to add as well.


ingredients (2 servings)

2 artichokes

1 l chopped black kale

3 dl arugula

1 dl chopped cucumber

1 avocado, cut in chunks

pumpkin seeds, sea salt, pepper

(oil, vinegar, balsamico)

Boil the artichoke about 30-40 min, remove all the leaves and cut the heart into pieces. Mix all the vegetables, top with salt, pepper, seeds, and balsamico (or oil or vingear) and perhaps a poached egg.

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