saffron-almond bites

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December and holidays are coming up and the holiday feelings are staring to spread as more and more lights and decorations are appearing in houses and gardens. These sweet little bites are perfect for any holiday party or just as a tiny dessert to lighten up an ordinary weekday meal.

~10 bites

1 dl almond (toasted or untoasted)

1/5 ml saffron diluted in 1 tsp hot water or melted coconut oil*

4 fresh dates

optional: grated coconut, finely chopped almonds…


Mix all ingredients (except the optional). How long you mix depends on if you prefer the bite more chuncky or more chewy. For a chewier version – mix until smooth, and for a chunkier version mix until the batter is sticky enough to form into balls and there are still pieces of almond left. A recommendation is not to limit yourself to one kind, you’ll want to make more batches…

When the batter is thoroughly mixed, form balls and you can keep them as they are or roll them in coconut, nuts, etc.

Store in the refrigerator, the saffron taste blooms if you can spare them for one or two days.


*I realize saffron can’t be dissolved in fats, but the slightly warming the saffron brings out the taste

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